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Two-piece driveshaft repair

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Two-piece driveshaft repair

Some 2009-2012 Ford F-150 vehicles equipped with a two-piece driveshaft and built before 7-30-12 may exhibit a rear driveshaft slip/bump concern on light to moderate acceleration from a stop or when coming to a stop with light braking.

  1. Place the truck on a hoist and index-mark the driveshaft flange and pinion flange to maintain alignment during installation. NOTE: It is not necessary to remove the entire driveshaft for this repair.
  2. Mark a straight line down the slip yoke and driveshaft in line with the front slip yoke boot clamp head, to help align for reassembly.
  3. Remove the front boot clamp only from the center slip yoke and discard.
  4. Remove the four driveshaft flange bolts.
  5. Using a suitable tool disconnect the driveshaft flange from the flange pilot.
  6. Remove the rear portion of the driveshaft only, leaving the slip yoke boot on the rear shaft.
  7. Using a dry, clean, lint-free towel, thoroughly clean old grease from the splines on the slip yoke only.
  8. If the vehicle features four-wheel-drive, perform the following procedure. If not, proceed to Step 9.
    1. Loosen the center bearing bolts and slide the center bearing fully rearward in the slotted mounting holes.
    2. Torque the center bearing bolts to 35 ft.-lbs.
  9. Apply an even coat of new grease from the kit to the internal splines of the slip yoke only.
  10. Position the new slip yoke boot clamp from the kit over the boot on the spline portion of the driveshaft. Leave the clamp loose at this point.
  11. Install the rear portion of the driveshaft onto the slip yoke using the previously made alignment marks.
  12. Apply Threadlock and sealer to the original driveshaft flange bolts.
  13. Install the four driveshaft flange bolts using the match marks, and tighten to 76 ft.-lbs.
  14. Position the front slip yoke clamp head in-line with the alignment marks and crimp the slip yoke boot clamp using Rotunda tool 205-343.

The slip joint repair kit is available as P/N 9L3Z-4W602-A.


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