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Hot Nissan NAV

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Hot Nissan NAV

This TSB applies to a variety of Nissan vehicles including 2012 NV (in photo), 2010-2012 Sentra and Versa, and 2011-2012 Rogue, Juke and Cube.

The navigation (NAV) screen may not display for up to 20 minutes after an extended heat-soak of the vehicle interior. In some geographic areas with extremely hot climates, the parked vehicle’s interior temperatures may sometimes rise above the NAV’s “Overtemp Protection” logic.

When the Overtemp Protection threshold is exceeded, the NAV display screen is designed to temporarily shut off until the interior temperature drops.

This is not a malfunction. The Overtemp Protection logic may be activated if ambient outside temperature exceeds 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This logic is designed not to allow NAV screen operation if the vehicle is overheated.

Do not replace the NAV unit or any of its components.

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