Bad Mazda throttle body?

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Bad Mazda throttle body?

Some 2009-2010 Mazda Tribute vehicles built on or between 6-22-2009 – 10-15-2009 may exhibit a malfunction indicator lamp with diagnostic trouble code P2135. DTCs P2111 and/or P0122 may also be present. Drivability symptoms may include intermittent rough idle, idle speed below specification and/or reduced power.

This concern may be attributed to the throttle body assembly hardware. If the vehicle only exhibits DTCs P2111 or P0122, follow normal pinpoint test diagnostics per MS3 online or workshop manual section 01-01A (THROTTLE BODY ASSEMBLY ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROL).

If DTC P2135 is present and the build date is confirmed to be on or between 6-22-2009 – 10-15-2009, replace the throttle body assembly with P/N ZZC4-13-650.

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