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Suzuki won’t program

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Suzuki won’t program

In the event that a 2006-later Suzuki Grand Vitara blank ECM fails to program within a seven-minute timeframe, the Suzuki ECU programming System (SEPS) will show an error code.

NOTE: If a part number appears which matches another vehicle model ECM during programming setup, contact the S.M.A.R.T. hotline before continuing.

Before programming the ECU, check the target ECU for any DTCs. If any DTCs are detected, make a note of these and check for the same DTCs after programming.

Suzuki offers the following precautions:

-          Be sure that the battery is fully charged. Battery voltage should be 11V or more.

-          Do not start the engine during the programming process.

-          Do not program the calibration data in the ECU with the battery charger connected to the vehicle battery. The battery charger may cause variation in the system voltage, which will stop the execution of the ECU programming and cause ECU damage.

-          Turn off all electric loads such as headlights and air conditioner. If equipped with DRL, set the parking brake. This turns off the DRL.

-          Follow the instructions of the programming software to turn on or off the ignition switch.

-          While the ECU programming is executed by the programming software, do not touch the pass-through device including the communication cables. If the cables used for the communication with the vehicle and the PC are disconnected, the ECU programming will fail and the ECU may be damaged.

-          In the case of using the portable laptop PC, be sure that it is sitting on a hard stable surface, fully charged and plugged in. If you hold the PC in your hands or on your lap, the communication cables might be disconnected, resulting in ECU damage.

-          Connect the communication cables securely to prevent cable disconnection.

-          Perform the ECU program when the ECU temperature is between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent ECU programming failure.

-          Stop any instrument with a built-in motor such as an electric drill that uses brushes.

-          Do not turn on or off any instrument such as an illumination lamp.

-          Do not start or race the engine of another nearby vehicle during programming.

When the ECU programming is completed, execute the following procedure:

-          Make sure that you have the Suzuki Diagnostic Tool (SDT) with the latest software installed.

-          Clear all DTCs of all electronic control systems (AT, ABS, etc.) by using the Suzuki Diagnostic Tool.

-          Make sure that the engine starts.

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