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Volvo battery drain

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Volvo battery drain

Battery drainage can occur on Volvo vehicles equipped with Active Suspension and subwoofer prep if the connectors for the SUM (SUspension Module) and the prewired SUB (SUBwoofer) are swapped. The SUM will remain active and the current draw will be approximately 80-400 mA. The vehicle will not go to into sleep mode as there will be activity on HS CAN (high-speed CAN network). The connectors for SUM and SUB are in close proximity to one another and are physically interchangeable.

NOTE: Subwoofers are not installed in all vehicles and the connector is in most cases unused. Not all vehicles will have a label on the connector that is to be connected to the SUM. This bulletin applies to 2007-2009 S80, 2008-2009 V70 and 2008-2009 VC70 models.

The SUM connector has a green-white cable for 12V power and a green-black cable for a ground connection. The SUM is powered via a relay (RB1, 2/88) and there shall be no power on this cable when the key is removed from the ignition switch.

The connector for SUB has a red-gray cable for 12V power and a black cable for the ground connection. The SUB is powered directly via 30-feed, and there is a constant power to this cable.

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