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Nissan HomeLink issue

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Nissan HomeLink issue

If the HomeLink system on a 2011-2013 Nissan vehicle will not operate or operates improperly:

  1. Make sure that the vehicle is not in “Transit Mode” (if equipped). Refer to NTB10-124 for Transit Mode details.
  2. Verify that the “Extended Storage Switch” is in the “Customer Delivery” position (if equipped).
  3. Confirm that the customer is familiar with the HomeLink programming procedure located in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.
  4. Test HomeLink operation with special tool HomeLink Transmitter Tester J-41540.
  5. If HomeLink tests OK, confirm compatibility of the vehicle’s HomeLin with the customer’s equipment by contacting HomeLink support at 800-355-3515. It is recommended to have the customer contact HomeLink support from their home. For example, a 2011 vehicle equipped with HomeLink 3 is not compatible with a customer’s garage door opener with MyQ remote technology. HomeLink 3 can be made compatible with MyQ with a “repeater.”
  6. If HomeLink tests no-good, perform repair as outlined in the appropriate Electronic Service Manual.

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