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Noisy Audi chain

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Noisy Audi chain

This TSB applies to 2009 Audi TT, A3 and A4 models, equipped with the 2.0L TFSI engine. Timing chain noise may be heard, accompanied by DTC P001600.

The engine may be difficult to start, with possible rattling in the engine compartment. DTC P001600 indicates bank 1, camshaft position G40/crankshaft position sensor G28, wrong assignment stored in memory. Possible damage to camshaft or camshaft bearing surfaces may exist.

The check valve ball in the camshaft positioner bridge may become dislodged. Fragments of the screen and the ball can restrict oil flow to the bearing bridge. Particles of the screen can also reach the camshafts and damage the bearing surfaces.

An optimized oil check valve in the camshaft positioner bridge has been used as of calendar week 23/2009.

  1. Check the non-return valve in the bearing bridge for wear.
  2. Check the chain tensioner.
  3. Check the camshaft surfaces for damage.

If the screen and check valve are not damaged, replace the camshaft and bridge, and erase the DTC.

If the screen or check valve are damaged, inspect the bearing surfaces of the camshafts for scoring marks, and replace any camshaft or cylinder head that exhibits camshaft bearing damage.

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