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Kia Sportage/Sedona won't start

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Kia Sportage/Sedona won't start

Some 2010-2012 Kia Sportage and Sedona engines may experience a no-start condition, uneven engagement when shifting gears and/or P0705 (transmission range sensor circuit malfunction) stored in the PCM. To correct this condition, install a rubber inhibitor switch bracket on the inhibitor switch.

  1. Apply the parking brake. Set the shift lever to the “N” position. Turn the ignition switch to the “OFF” position. Remove the air duct (removal of the air box is not required on Sedona).
  2. Disconnect the air intake hose. Remove the air cleaner assembly. NOTE: Removal of the battery is not required on Sportage.
  3. Record the customer’s radio pre-sets before disconnecting the battery. Remove the battery assembly.
  4. Remove the battery tray (retained by four bolts). Disconnect the connector from the battery tray.
  5. Remove the manual control lever mounting nut and washer and set the manual control lever aside. Do not loosen or remove the shift cable mounting nut, or adjustment may be required. Before removing the nut and washer, make sure that the shift gear selector is in the neutral position.
  6. Remove the two inhibitor switch mounting bolts and discard the bolts.
  7. Install the new inhibitor switch rubber bracket to the inhibitor switch.
  8. Install the new retaining bolts but leave slightly loose for adjustment.
  9. Re-install the manual control lever to the inhibitor switch and tighten the nut. During installation, position the manual control lever in place with a 5 mm bolt or suitable alignment tool, then tighten the rubber inhibitor switch assembly mounting nut and washer.
  10. Install the manual control lever washer and nut and tighten the nut to 13 to 18 ft.-lbf. (17.7-25.5 Nm).
  11. Tighten the two inhibitor switch bracket bolts to 86 to 104 in.-lbf. (9.8-11.8 Nm).
  12. Reinstall all removed components in reverse order. Check if any DTCs (P0705) related to the inhibitor switch exists. Clear all DTCs and verify proper vehicle operation. Remember to reprogram radio station presets.

The new inhibitor switch bracket is available as P/N 42700 3B900FFF.



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