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Brake pedal mount voluntary recall

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Brake pedal mount voluntary recall

This bulletin applies to Kia Borrego vehicles built from May 2, 2002, to Jan. 20, 2009. The high strength plastic mount for the brake pedal is designed to break off in certain collisions to help protect the driver’s leg from injury when the brake is applied during impact.

Certain pedal mounts may have a fiberglass composition that allows them to break off in a collision where the impact has not immobilized the vehicle which could then roll. The driver would then be required to stop the vehicle with the parking brake or experience a possible second impact, which could result in personal injury. To correct this issue, follow the repair procedure to replace the brake pedal mount.

  1. Record the customer’s radio presets and disconnect the battery negative cable.
  2. Carefully remove the driver’s side rubber weatherstrip.
  3. Carefully remove the crash pad side cover.
  4. Remove the five crash pad lower panel mounting screws.
  5. Disconnect the OBD II diagnostic connector and foot well lamp connector.
  6. Remove the lower panel (this is secured with six bolts).
  7. Disconnect the stop lamp switch connector and wiring clip. Notice: Check that the stop lamp switch is functioning properly after installing the new brake pedal assembly. Adjust the stop lamp switch if necessary.
  8. Remove the retaining clip and clevis pin.
  9. Locate and remove the brake pedal assembly upper mounting bolt.
  10. Remove the four brake pedal assembly mounting nuts.
  11. Unhook the retaining tab from the bulkhead while having an assistant pulling the brake booster slightly forward. This will allow removal.
  12. Remove the brake pedal assembly.
  13. Reinstall the removed components in reverse order of removal. Reconnect the brake switch connector (make sure that it is adjusted properly). The tightening torque for the four brake pedal assembly mounting nuts is 9.4 – 11.6 ft.-lbs. The tightening torque for the brake pedal assembly upper mounting bolt is 12.3 – 18.8 ft.-lbs.
  14. Reconnect the battery negative cable and set the customer’s radio presets.
  15. Check for proper operation by starting the vehicle and applying the brakes several times.
  16. Check for DTCs and clear as required.

The previous brake pedal assembly is P/N 32800 2J000. The new replacement brake pedal assembly is available as P/N 32800 2J000QQK.


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