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Brake booster rattle and buzz

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Brake booster rattle and buzz

Some Toyota vehicles may exhibit a rattle or buzz noise coming from the driver’s instrument panel area. The noise can be duplicated when lightly accelerating and then decelerating, or when depressing the brake pedal with the shift lever in Park and then releasing the brake pedal. An updated vacuum check valve is now available to reduce this noise.

PARTS INFORMATION (for vacuum valve assembly)

MODEL            YEAR             VALVE            PREV. P/N                     CURRENT P/N

Camry             2007-2010      straight            44730-22150                44730-20080

Highlander    2008-2009      straight            44730-22150                44730-20080

Avalon             2005-2010      straight            44730-22150                44730-20080

RAV4               2006-2009      90-degree        44730-12070               44730-14050

Sienna           2004-2010      90-degree         44730-12070               44730-14050

  1. Confirm that the noise is coming from the brake booster vacuum check valve.
  2. Remove the vacuum tube clip from the brake booster check valve and disconnect the tube.
  3. Remove and replace the brake booster vacuum check valve. Make sure that the new valve is fully seated into the brake booster grommet.
  4. Reconnect the vacuum tube to the brake booster check valve and secure with the clip.
  5. Confirm that there are no vacuum leaks and that the noise has been eliminated.

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