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Uninhibit Hyundai inhibitor switch

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Uninhibit Hyundai inhibitor switch

An improperly adjusted or improperly operating inhibitor switch (range switch) may result in DTCs P0705 (range switch sensor circuit), P0707 (range switch open circuit), P0706 (range switch range/performance), and/or P0708 (range switch short circuit or multiple inputs); MIL illuminated, and/or impossible engine start in P or N.

This TSB applies to the following vehicles:

-          2010 and later Santa Fe (CM)

-          2011 and later Tucson (LM) produced from January 13, 2011

-          2011 and later Sonata (YF) produced from September 1, 2010

-          2011 and later Sonata HEV, Elantra (UD/MD) and Azera (TG)

-          2012 and later Accent (RB), Azera (HG)

-          2013 and later Veloster Turbo (FS) and Elantra Coupe (JK) and Elantra GT (GD)

 Turn the ignition key to the ON position or push the Start/Stop button two times.

  1. Using a GDS, check for DTCs in the “Automatic Transaxle” menu. Record the DTCs and description. Delete the DTCs.
  2. Select the following parameters. Move the shift lever through all gears and monitor the sensors:

-          Vehicle and A/T menu

-          “Current data”

-          Shift lever switch

  1. If the Shift Lever Switch shows the correct shift lever position, the wiring currently has no open/short circuits. Go to Step 6. If it does not show the correct shift lever position, go to Step 5.
  2. Visually check the wiring harness between the PCM and inhibitor switch for a damaged wire or open/short circuit to ground. Check for a damaged pin or pin not fully inserted into the connector. If damage exists, repair or replace the control wiring and drive the vehicle to confirm the repair. If no damage or open/short circuit is found, go to Step 6.
  3. Place the shift lever to the N position. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
  4. Remove the air duct and air cleaner to access the inhibitor switch.
  5. Remove the battery, if needed, to access the inhibitor switch. Be sure to record preset radio stations and reset after repairs.
  6. If the battery was removed in Step 8, remove 2 bolts to the air cleaner. Remove 4 bolts to the battery tray and remove the battery tray.
  7. Disconnect the inhibitor switch connector. Remove the shift cable mounting nut. Remove the nut and washer and remove the manual control lever.
  8. Remove the 2 mounting bolts and remove the inhibitor switch assembly. Install the new inhibitor switch assembly to the transaxle and tighten the mounting bolts to 7 – 9 lb-ft.
  9. Install the manual control lever, washer and nut to the new inhibitor switch and tighten the nut to 13 – 18 lb-ft. Caution: Insert a 5mm bolt or screwdriver in the alignment hole before tightening the nut.
  10. Install the shift cable mounting nut and tighten the nut to 6 – 9 lb-ft. remove the bolt or screwdriver from the alignment hole.
  11. Re-install all removed parts in reverse order or removal.
  12. Clear all codes and test drive the vehicle for two drive cycles. If the problem returns, repair or replace the control wiring between the PCM and inhibitor switch. If the DTC(s) occur again, replace the PCM/TCM.

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