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Lexus DTC P0136

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Lexus DTC P0136

Some 2010-2012 HS 250h vehicles equipped with a 2AZ-FXE engine may exhibit a MIL ON condition with DTC P0136 (oxygen sensor circuit malfunction; Bank 1 Sensor 1).

The oxygen sensor and Hybrid Vehicle ECU (HV ECU) logic have been modified to reduce the possibility of this condition occurring.


Model       Model year           Previous cal. ID                New cal. ID

HS 250h    2010-2011           37503000                            37503200

                  2010-2011           37503100                            37503200

                  2012                    37508000                             37508100


Model year          Previous P/N              Current P/N                  Part name

2010-2011          89981-75030              89981-75032          Computer, hybrid control

2010-2011          89981-75031              89981-75032          Computer, hybrid control

2012                    89981-75090              same                       Computer, hybrid control

All                       89465-75010              same                       Oxygen sensor

 -                          00451-00001-LBL     same                       Authorized modification label

NOTE: The HV ECU should NOT be replaced as part of the repair procedure.

Authorized modification labels may be ordered in packages of 25 from the Materials Distribution Center through Dealer Daily – Dealer Support Materials Orders.


TIS Techstream or Techstream Lite

Supplier: ADE


NOTE: Software version 7.10.030 or later is required.

GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station, P/N 00002-MCGR8

NOTE: The diagnostic tester is NOT recommended for flash reprogramming with this calibration file. Use TIS Techstream or an approved J2534 interface to perform this update. Visit for more information regarding J2534 reprogramming.


  1. Using TIS Techstream, check for stored DTCs. If only DTC P0136 is present, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Remove and replace the oxygen sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1).
  3. Check for the Authorized Modifications Label affixed to the vehicle in the location shown in the accompanying photo. Confirm if the HV ECU calibration has been updated. If the calibration IS listed is NOT the latest HV ECU calibration, go to Step 4.
  4. Flash reprogram the HV ECU. The GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station MUST be used in the Power Supply Mode to maintain battery voltage at 13.5 volts while flash reprogramming. Follow the procedures outlines in Service Bulletin L-SB-0015-10 “Techstream ECU Flash Reprogramming Procedure, and flash the HV ECU with the NEW calibration file update.
  5. Place the vehicle into Ready “ON” mode and test drive to confirm proper vehicle operation of the HV ECU.
  6. Install the Authorized Modifications Label. Using a permanent marker, enter the following information on the label:

-          HV ECU part number

-          Calibration ID(s)

-          Dealer Code

-          Repair Date

-          Change authority (L-SB-0035-12)

Affix the Authorized Modifications Label to the vehicle at the location shown in the photo.

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