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Land Rover air suspension

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Land Rover air suspension

The air suspension system may be inoperative and “Suspension Fault” may be displayed in the message center. This may be caused by an air suspension system compressor failure due to over-running.

An air compressor kit is available under P/N LR041777. Required tools include the IDS with the latest IDS-DVD and calibration file (available on DVD131.06 v. 117); Land Rover-approved Midtronics Vehicle Power Supply; and refer to the workshop manual for any required special tools.


  1. NOTE: Do not carry out the air suspension system depressurize. Refer to workshop manual section 204-05, steps 1-7 only and replace the air suspension compressor.
  2. Connect the air suspension pipe to the AMK compressor.
  3. Install the four air suspension compressor retaining bolts. Tighten to 7.4 ft.-lbs.
  4. Install the valve block assembly. Connect the AMK harness connectors the same as the Hitachi compressor.
  5. Install a new air suspension system compressor relay in the luggage compartment fuse box.
  6. CAUTION: Ensure that all ignition “ON”/ignition “OFF” requests are carried out. Failure to perform these steps may cause damage to control modules in the vehicle. A Land Rover-approved Midtronics vehicle power supply must be connected to the vehicle battery during IDS diagnosis/module programming. Connect the Midtronics power supply to the vehicle.
  7. Turn the ignition ON (engine not running).
  8. NOTE: IDS must be loaded with DVD131.06 v. 117 or later. Connect the IDS to the vehicle and begin a new Symptom Driven Diagnostics (SDD) session.
  9. Follow the on-screen prompts, allowing SDD to read the VIN and identify the vehicle.
  10. From the Session Type selection screen, choose “Diagnosis.”
  11. Select the “Selected Symptoms” tab, and then select “Service Function.”
  12. Select “Continue.”
  13. Select the “Recommendations” tab.
  14. CAUTION: During this procedure, if SDD presents a question regarding compressor type, always select the type/manufacturer for the compressor being fitted to the vehicle as part of this repair, which under all circumstances should be an AMK compressor type. If unsure, select “EXIT” at this prompt and repeat this process after the facts are known. Failure to make the correct compressor type selection will cause SDD to install incorrect software. From the Recommendations tab, select “Run” to perform the “Air suspension – Air suspension compressor replacement” function. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete this task.
  15. Exit the current session.
  16. Disconnect the IDS and the Midtronics vehicle power supply from the vehicle.


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