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Mitsubishi key can’t remember

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Mitsubishi key can’t remember

Owners of 2008 Mitsubishi Outlander, 2008-2009 Lancer and 2008 Lancer Evolution vehicles built prior to May 2008 may complain that they are unable to operate the Keyless Operation System (KOS) using the F.A.S.T. key feature.

The F.A.S.T. key fob may have lost its programming due to data in its memory being erased by electrical interference from a device such as a mobile phone. This can occur if the two devices are kept in close proximity to each other.

If you confirm this condition, replace both of the customer’s F.A.S.T. keys with improved parts that will reduce the possibility of accidental erasure of coded data due to electrical interference.


The following conditions must be confirmed in an environment that is free from interference from electronic accessories, mobile phones, or facilities emitting strong electrical signals that could affect KOS communication:

-          You are unable to turn the ignition knob from the LOCK position. Also, “Missing Key” is displayed on the MID screen when trying to turn the ignition knob.

-          Generally, no DTCs will be stored in the PCM. However, DTC B1A08, B1A09, B1A0A or B1A0B may be stored in some cases. If DTCs other than these are stored in PCM memory, diagnose and repair per the service manual.

Replace the F.A.S.T. keys with an improved part if your evaluation confirms both of these conditions. Refer to the service manual or the AESP (Advanced Electrical Service Procedures) study manual and use the MUT-III to register the new F.A.S.T. keys to the vehicle. Remember to register RKE functions for the new keys as well.

Customers should be reminded that the emergency key stored in the F.A.S.T. key can be used to start the engine when the K.O.S. system is not functioning.

NOTE: Replacement F.A.S.T. key blanks do not include the emergency key. Transfer the customer’s emergency keys to the new F.A.S.T. keys.


Key, keyless operation blank, Lancer/Lancer Evolution………8637A228

Key, keyless operation blank, Outlander………………………8637A316

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