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Crickets in Subaru?

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Crickets in Subaru?

A high-pitched chirp, squeak or “cricket” sound may be noticed coming from the engine’s high pressure fuel pump. This applies to the 2013 Subaru BRZ.

This is a result of the positioning of the plunger stopper inside the high pressure pump. Some may have a plunger stopper position that when combined with certain fuel temperatures or fuel formulations, may result in aeration of the fuel within the body of the pump, causing this sound when the engine is at idle. According to Subaru, this is non-detrimental to the fuel system or engine. Not all pumps exhibit this condition. A production change was made to consistently orient the position of the plunger stopper during assembly, thus eliminating the source of the sound. Once the chirping sound has been confirmed, the high pressure pump assembly must be replaced.

A “clack” or mechanical “ticking” sound may also be heard as part of the operation of the high pressure fuel pump, which is considered normal.

The production change took place beginning with VIN D*603383, with engine number 844658 and production date 7-27-12.

Road test the vehicle for at least 10 minutes to be sure it is up to operating temperature. Once the sound has been confirmed, follow the procedure in the service manual for replacing the high pressure fuel pump. The required tool for BRZ high pressure fuel pump removal/installation is: Socket Driver, Snap-On Tools stock #FTX40TPE, Torx Plus, size 40 IP, length 1”.


16625JB000……………fuel pump assembly

17540AA340…………..pipe assembly, fuel delivery (No. 2)

17555AA040…………..fuel pipe gasket (qty 2)

14035AA610…………..intake manifold gasket (qty 2)

16175AA420…………..throttle chamber gasket

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