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Squeaky Scion seat

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Squeaky Scion seat

Some owners of 2004-2009 Scion tC, xA, xB and xD vehicles may complain about a squeak noise due to contact between the seat track locating pin(s) and the floor pan hole location(s).


-          Wear safety gloves to prevent injury to your hands.

-          Work must be started more than 90 seconds after the ignition switch is turned to the LOCK position and the negative battery terminal is disconnected from the battery. The SRS is equipped with a backup power source. If work is started within 90 seconds from disconnecting the battery negative, the SRS may deploy.

-          The yaw rate sensor is installed under the RH front seat. Be careful NOT to step on the yaw rate sensor after the seat has been removed.

-          When removing/installing and performing repairs on the passenger seat, perform the Occupant Classification System Zero Point Calibration as outlined in the diagnostics section of the applicable model year repair manual.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  2. Remove the plastic front seat track covers. Use a screwdriver to disengage the claws and carefully remove the covers. Tape the screwdriver before use.
  3. Remove the plastic rear seat track covers in the same manner.
  4. Remove the LH front seat assembly (move the seatback to the full upright position. Remove the four seat track securing bolts. Disconnect the electrical connectors and remove the seat assembly).
  5. Remove the seat track locating pins (tilt the seat assembly backward to gain access to the seat track locating pins. Use a power cut-off tool to cut off the two locating pins, leaving 2mm or less of each pin. NOTE: The seat track locating pins function is to ease installation during manufacturing only.
  6. Clean and paint bare metal surfaces.
  7. Install the LH front seat assembly. Bolt torque specification varies by model. Refer to the repair manual for correct bolt torque.
  8. Repeat steps for the RH front seat.
  9. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.
  10. Test power seat operation and seat heater (if equipped) for proper operation.
  11. Initialize front passenger occupant classification system and re-initialize any other power systems. Refer to the applicable model/year repair manual for initialization procedures.
  12. Inspect SRS warning light operation.
  13. Test drive the vehicle and confirm that the seat squeak has been eliminated.






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