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Scion IGI relay freezing

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Scion IGI relay freezing

Some 2005-2008 tC and 2008-2009 xD and xB Scion vehicles may exhibit a condition with multiple warning lights illuminated, vehicle not shifting from Park to Drive, and/or other accessories becoming inoperative after the vehicle has cold-soaked in sub-freezing ambient air temperatures (below 14 degrees F).

A newly designed IG1 relay has been made available to address this concern.

PREVIOUS PART NUMBERS                                       CURRENT P/N

90987-02025 (Gray) /  09087-02030 (Pink)…………….90987-02031


TIS Techstream (software version 4.12.001 or later)

Supplier: ADA               P/N: TSPKG1


  1. Locate the instrument panel Junction Block No. 1 in the instrument panel.
  2. Remove the IG1 relay and verify the part number located on the side of the relay. If the part number is NOT 09087-02031, replace the relay with the new design. If the part number is 90987-02031, then diagnose the specific conditions reported by the customer based on MIL “ON” codes that are stored and follow the repair manual.
  3. Connect TIS Techstream and clear any stored DTCs.

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