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Shaky Chrysler minivan

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Shaky Chrysler minivan

A rough idle or excessive vibration from the engine compartment may be experienced with some 2012 Chrysler Caravan/Town and Country vehicles. Some vehicles may experience a low pressure fuel line vibration and a possible rough idle.

Fuel pressure pulsation in the low pressure fuel line system may cause a vibration noise or rough idle.

When removing the existing fuel rail return line, place some absorbent material under each fitting before removing, to catch the diesel fuel that will drain out.

  1. Remove the engine cover by pulling straight up.
  2. Remove the two plastic clips that attach the injector fuel return line to the rail fuel return line and discard the original clips.
  3. Remove the fuel rail return line by disengaging the quick-connect fittings at both ends of the line and discard the original line.
  4. Install the new rail return line by pushing the quick-connect fittings squarely on until they click, and pull back to ensure that the fitting is latched properly.
  5. Install the two new fuel return line clips to attach the injector fuel return line to the rail fuel return line in the original locations.
  6. Start the engine and allow to idle for 60 seconds while checking the connections for leaks.
  7. Reinstall the engine cover.


Line, fuel rail return……………………68158476AB

Clips, fuel return line (2 pin package)….68184774AA

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