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VW subframe knock

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VW subframe knock

Concern: A knocking noise from the vehicle front, involving 2006-2011 VW Passat and 2009-2012 CC models.

The noise typically occurs only one time after each direction change (forward or backward, left or right).

The subframe shifts slightly relative to the body due to wax residue in-between components. Maximum acceleration and braking in vehicles that are driven hard are contributors to the occurrence.

VW advises installing two specialty washer plates, P/N 7M3499349A.

Loosen (by two turns) the four bolts located toward the rear of the subframe.

Remove one inboard bolt.

Insert the specialty washer between the subframe and body, centered on the hole with the tabs of the washer pointing rear and down as shown in the photo.

Insert a new bolt and hand tighten.

Repeat this procedure with the second inboard bolt.

Tighten all four bolts in accordance with Repair Manual Group 40 front suspension, driveshaft in ElsaWeb. NOTE: The subframe bolts MUST be replaced after every removal.



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