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Audi steering rack coding

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Audi steering rack coding

Problem: After replacing the electromechanical steering with the control unit J500, the unit cannot be coded via SVM spec/actual. This refers to 2011-2012 Audi A6 and A7 vehicles.

All new replacement power steering control units (J500) must be coded and parameterized using online SVM spec/actual or an SVM code. If the SVM spec/actual returns a response of “Check Hardware,” then the SVM code is required to code and parameterize the new replacement control unit.

The SVM code can be found in Part Bulletin 9-97. All parts bulletins are located on the website. The link to is indicated by the icon seen in Figure 1.

Once the icon is selected, the website will be automatically opened. Next, the user must select the tab labeled “Infoline.” Then set the Make to “Audi” in the dropdown menu, then select the tab labeled “Technology.” Then select the left menu option labeled “GP bulletins” (Figure 2).

Alternatively, the website can be found by selecting Service >> Infoline under the ETKA dropdown menu. This particular parts bulletin (9-97) “SVM-Code for SDC steering box J500; V187; G85; G269” is attached. However, please check ETKA info for the latest update.

Tip: The SVM Exchange Code XCHG44A001 may be required.

Model              Old software                       New software

2012 A6……..4G0909144F………………..4G0909144G

2012 A7……..4G0909144E………………..4G0909144G

2012 A7……..4G0909144F………………..4G0909144G



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