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No daytime lamp on Audi

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No daytime lamp on Audi

This TSB applies to 2010-2012 A3, 2009-2012 A4, 2008-2012 A5, 2009-2012 A6, 2012 A7, 2011-2012 A8, 2009-2012 Q5, 2010-2012 Q7, 2008-2012 R8 and 2010-2012 TT vehicles, where part of all of the daytime running lamps do not work on vehicles with LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps).

In the past, the daytime running light bulbs were a serviceable part. In these applications, the LED strip cannot be replaced and may have an associated control module.

  1. If a DTC is listed in J519 related to daytime running lights, follow the respective test plan before proceeding with this bulletin.
  2. If both front DRLs are inoperative, verify that the DRLS are turned on via the vehicle system option:

-          A3, TT, R8: The daytime running lights are automatically switched on when the headlight switch is set to AUTO. If the headlight switch is set to OFF, the DRLs will be off. This functionality cannot be changed.

-          A4, A5, A6, A8, Q7: In vehicles with MMI, the daytime running lights are switched on via the menu option Exterior light control or Exterior Lighting.

  1. If one or several LEDs are not illuminated (see Figure 1), the affected headlight assembly must be replaced. The LED strip is not a serviceable item. Only the headlight assembly needs to be replaced. Any headlight control modules can be reused.
  2. If all DRL LEDs in one headlight assembly are inoperative, there are typically two causes: the LED circuit board or the DRL control unit, located inside the headlight assembly.

A3, A5 and TT vehicles do not have serviceable DRL control units, as these modules are integrated into the headlight. On these vehicles, the entire headlight assembly must be replaced. For other vehicles, in order to verify the root cause, swap the DRL control units between the two headlights. If the problem follows the suspect DRL control unit, replace the DRL control unit. If the problem does not follow, verify all headlight connections and replace the headlight with the inoperative LED.


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