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Squeaky Subaru paper-cut

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Squeaky Subaru paper-cut

This Subaru TSB (2012 and 2013 Impreza and 2013 XV Crosstrek) provides a repair procedure to address a customer concern of a squeaking type sound coming from the driver or passenger front seat back.

The flat main support rods are covered in paper to prevent metal-to-metal contact with the backrest frame. However, if an edge on the backrest frame damages the paper, metal-to-metal contact occurs, resulting in a squeak. Bushings will need to be installed to prevent this squeak. This procedure eliminates the need to replace the backrest frame.

The bushings are available as P/N 64106AJ000 (2 per seat required).

-          Record the customer’s preset radio stations and Navigation system favorites.

-          Disconnect the negative battery cable and wait at least 60 seconds before proceeding.

-          Remove the affected seat from the vehicle.

-          Remove the seat trim cover and cushion material as an assembly from the backrest.

-          Remove the flat mat support rods from the top of the backrest frame, one side at a time.

-          Install the bushings into the backrest frame. Note: placing the bushings in hot water (104 – 122 degrees F) for a few minutes will ease installation.

-          After the bushings return to room temperature, confirm that they are tight in the backrest frame and cannot be pushed out without using excess force (more than 5 – 6 lbs).

-          Reassemble and reinstall the seat. Confirm that the squeak has been eliminated. Re-connect the battery negative cable and reset the radio stations and navigation favorites.

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