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Nifty Nissan trans check

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Nifty Nissan trans check

When inspecting or servicing a seven-speed transmission in a 2009-2011 Nissan 370Z or 2010-2011 370Z Roadster, you may find that the fluid color is darker than expected in the first 2,000 to 3,000 miles of operation.

In the first 2,000 to 3,000 miles of operation, Nissan Matic S – 999MP-MTS00P will become darker than the new fluid.

This fluid darkening is a normal condition. The fluid’s lubrication properties and quality are not diminished because of the darkening.

The seven-speed A/T requires Special Tool J-49829 for transmission fluid fill and level check.


  1. Park the vehicle on a lift and set the parking brake (do not raise the vehicle yet).
  2. Connect CONSULT III (C-III) to the vehicle.
  3. With the engine running at idle, use C-III to monitor ATF temperature. ATF temperature must be maintained at 95-113 degrees Fahrenheit during ATF level check. If the ATF temperature is above 113 degrees F, stop the engine to allow the ATF to cool down.
  4. If above 113 degrees F, once the ATF temperature reaches approximately 104 degrees F or below, start the engine and let it idle.
  5. Shift the shift selector lever in each gear position, and then return to Park.
  6. Raise the vehicle on the lift. Leave the engine idling. If the engine is turned off, the ATF fluid level will be adjusted well below the proper level.
  7. Remove the overflow plug from the transmission pan (position a drain pan underneath). At first, an initial amount of fluid may come out. This does not mean that the transmission is full. In order to make sure that the transmission is full, you must first overfill the transmission and then allow the excess to drain out of the overflow plug hole.
  8. Connect the transmission fill pump at the overflow plug hole.
  9. Pump in approximately two liters (about two quarts) of Nissan Matic S ATF.
  10. Disconnect the fill pump hose at the quick disconnect. If a steady stream of fluid drains out, go to the next step. The amount of fluid that drains out should be enough so that it is obvious that the fluid was overfull and is now draining to the correct level. The engine must be idling the entire time during the fluid level check. If little or no fluid drains out, repeat Steps 8 and 9.
  11. Allow fluid to drain from the overflow tube until it is just a drip. Check to make sure that the fluid temperature is still in the specified range of 95-113 degrees F.
  12. Install a new overflow plug and torque the plug to 9 ft.-lbs. (12.4 Nm).

NOTE: If the pan was removed previously, connect the transmission fill pump at the overflow plug hole and then fill the pan with approximately four liters (about four U.S. quarts) of Nissan Matic S STF, and then perform the ATF level check.


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