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Subaru strainer revision

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Subaru strainer revision

The automatic transmission strainer on select Subaru vehicles has been changed from metal to resin construction. The bolt length and torque specification has also been changed with the new style resin strainer. This affects 2005 and later Legacy/Outback, Impreza 2.5L and Forester 2.5L; 2006 and later Impreza Turbo and 2004 and later Forester Turbo models.

The new style strainer was installed in production towards the end of October 2008, starting with transmission #374122.

The old strainer part number is 31728AA091. The new resin strainer is available under part number 31728AA130. The new style strainer includes new mounting bolts.

The bolt torque specification for the new resin strainer is 3.4 ft.-lbs.. (4.6 Nm). The previous (metal) strainer bolt torque is 7.4 ft.-lbs. (10 Nm).

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