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Mazda reflash

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Mazda reflash

After driving on a flat road for a few minutes, some 2010-2011 Mazda CX-9 vehicles (produced before Feb. 10, 2011) may experience the DSC indicator light on momentarily, then turn off. DTC C1963 (SAS control module yaw rate sensor part initial point correction error) is also stored in memory which can be deleted, but the DTC will re-store again.

If DTC C1963 the only stored DTC in the DSC/RSC HU/CM, a loaner request for the PUMA SST is required for DSC/RSC HU/CM reflash. Request a “loaner” tool on Mstore to perform this procedure. Order P/N Puma2VCI-L. When the tool arrives, proceed to REFLASH PREPARATION.

  1. Unpack the SST and check for visual damage to the PUMA tool and OBD2 cable. If damage is found, contact MNAO Technical Product Support at 949-442-6537.
  2. Verify that there is a solid connection between the tool and the cable.
  3. Proceed to REFLASH PROCEDURE.


  1. Using IDS, clear DTC C1963 from DSC/RSC HU/CM.
  2. Turn the ignition off.
  3. Disconnect IDS.
  4. Turn the ignition on.
  5. Connect the PUMA tool cable to the vehicle DLC2 (OBD2) connector.
  6. When the PUMA tool is properly connected to the vehicle, the “Vehicle” light will illuminate green. The reflash procedure will start automatically.
  7. When the reflash sequence starts, the PUMA tool “Run/Armed” green light will flash orange. DO NOT remove the cable during the reflash sequence.
  8. When the reflash process is complete, the top four lights (PC/PDA, Vehicle, WLAM/E-script, Run/Armed) will flash in sequence, top-to-bottom continuously.
  9. Turn the ignition off.
  10. Turn the ignition on to verify successful reflash. All lights will illuminate except for the “Warning/Failure” light.
  11. If all lights illuminate except for the “Warning/Failure” light, proceed to Step 12. If not, proceed to REFLASH FAULT PROCEDURE.
  12. Turn the ignition off and unplug the PUMA tool from the DLC connector. The reflash process is complete.
  13. Test drive the vehicle by driving 300 feet.
  14. If the brake warning light does not illuminate, the repair is complete. If the brake warning light does illuminate, proceed to REFLASH FAULT PROCEDURE.


There could be several reasons why the “Warning/Failure” light is illuminated from failure to read the VIN to a power interruption. Follow the steps listed here.

  1. Check the vehicle for related DTCs other than C1963. Repair these fault codes first.
  2. Repeat Step 1, two times if necessary (three times total).
  3. If the “Warning/Failure” light does not illuminate, the process is complete. If the warning still exists, contact Mazda Technical Assistance Hotline at 888-832-8477.

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