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Binding seat switch

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Binding seat switch

Owners of some 2007-2010 Cadillac Escalades/ESV/EXT, Chevy Avalanche/Silverado/Suburban/Tahoe and GMC Sierra/Yukon models may complain about sticking or binding door-mounted memory/heated/cool seat switch buttons. This may be caused by the switch being out of alignment in the bezel, creating a hard contact between the switch button and the inside release handle bezel.

  1. Remove the door trim.
  2. Loosen both screws that hold the switch to the inside release handle bezel.
  3. Using a flat-bladed tool, carefully shift the position of the switch to create a nominal gap all around its perimeter within the bezel. Tighten the two screws.
  4. Confirm that the switch buttons are freely moving and that there is a nominal gap around the perimeter within the bezel.
  5. Reinstall the door trim.

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