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Subaru master cylinder malfunction

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Subaru master cylinder malfunction

Subaru has determined that certain 2012 Legacy/Outback and Impreza (except WRX and STI) vehicles may be equipped with a brake master cylinder that could malfunction and cause an increase in the amount of brake pedal travel distance required to slow or stop the vehicle. This could occur unexpectedly and without prior warning.

In vehicles with this condition, the driver will initially encounter a soft pedal feel and may momentarily perceive a sense of loss in braking power while the pedal is being depressed lightly. This will only continue until the pedal is depressed downward approximately two more inches. Effective braking function will be achieved at that point. The recall will involve checking the brake master cylinder part number stamped on the housing, and if necessary, replacing the master cylinder.

Potentially affected vehicles are identified in the VIN list below. Note that not all vehicles in the VIN range are affected.

Legacy from C*008608 to C*015679

Outback from C*216490 to C*232791

Impreza sedan from C*002001 to C*010315

Impreza wagon from C*200001 to C*209617

Countermeasure parts can be identified by the stamping of the last five characters of the part number on the end of the cylinder housing. The countermeasure part numbers are as follows:

-          2012 Impreza MT………….26401FJ060

-          2012 Impreza CVT………...26401FJ070

-          2012 Legacy/Outback……...26401AJ000

Some early production Legacy and Outback vehicles were produced with the AJ000 master cylinder and do not require replacement.

  1. Check the part number of the master cylinder (no replacement is required if numbers are AJ000 (Legacy/Outback), or FJ060 or FJ070 (Impreza). Replacement IS required if numbers are AJ020 (Legacy/Outback) or FJ020 or FJ030 (Impreza).
  2. If the stamped number indicates the need for replacement, place a red “X” mark on the side of the cylinder housing. If no replacement is needed, place a black dot on the face of the cylinder housing.
  3. If you replace the master cylinder, after a test drive that confirms proper operation, place a black dot on the side of the cylinder housing.
  4. Follow all master cylinder replacement and bleeding steps outlined in the appropriate service manual.


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