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Growling differential

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Growling differential

Some 2010 part-time 4WD Toyota 4Runner vehicles may exhibit a growl or rumble noise from the front differential assembly when the vehicle is in motion in 2WD.

  1. Test drive the vehicle to confirm the condition.
  2. Using ChassisEAR or equivalent, confirm that the noise is loudest from the left side of the differential assembly when in 2WD.
  3. If you confirm that the noise is loudest on the left side of the assembly, and that the noise goes away when placed in 4WD, replace the differential assembly.
  4. Inspect the left front axle assembly for wear. If wear is present, replace the front axle.
  5. Test drive and confirm proper operation.


PREVIOUS P/N               CURRENT P/N                  PART NAME

41110-35901                             same                            Carrier Assy, Differential, Front

43430-60080                             same                            Shaft Assy, FR Drive


Toyota Genuine Differential Gear Oil LT 75W-85 GL-5 or equivalent (1.6 qt)

Drive Shaft Remover Attachment P/N 09520-01010

Slide hammer (5 lb) P/N 09520-32040-01

Pitman arm puller P/N 09610-20012

NOTE: ChassisEAR or an equivalent tool (NOT a mechanic’s stethoscope) is required for this repair procedure.

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