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Touchy airbag-off light

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Touchy airbag-off light

Some 2012 Toyota Camry and Camry HV vehicles may exhibit a condition where the passenger AIRBAG OFF light may illuminate intermittently while driving with the passenger seat unoccupied.

According to Toyota, this condition will not affect airbag operation. An updated Occupant Classification System Electronic Control Unit (OCS ECU) has been made available to address this condition. This updated OCS ECU logic will now illuminate the AIRBAG OFF light at all times when the vehicle is operated and the passenger seat is unoccupied or when the OCS ECU determines that the occupant does not meet the adult classification criteria.

This bulletin applies to vehicles produced before the production change effective VINs listed here:


Camry               TMMK                4T1BK1FK#CU008756

Camry               TMMK                4T1BF1FK#CU558559

Camry                SIA                     4T4BF1FK#CR203062

Camry HV         TMMK               4T1BD1FK#CU016591

PREVIOUS P/N           NEW P/N                              PART NAME

89952-06010             89952-06011                       OCS ECU (TMMK)

89952-06030             89952-06031                       OCS ECU (SIA)

01999-33856             01999-33A40                       2012 Camry owner’s manual

01999-33857             01999-33A41                       2012 Camry HV owner’s manual

The TIS Techstream or Techstream Lite (with software version 7.10.030 or later is required for the repair.

  1. Inspect the supplemental restraint system (SRS) using Techstream. If there are any SRS codes in the SRS ECU, refer to the Technical Information System (TIS) applicable repair Manual section for diagnosis and repair. This condition may set a B1650 Occupant Classification System Malfunction code in the SRS ECU.
  2. If the vehicle is exhibiting this condition, replace the OCS ECU. Refer to the applicable repair manual for replacement procedures.
  3. After replacing the OCS ECU, the operation of the passenger airbag ON/OFF light will change. Upon starting the engine, the light will perform a bulb check. After the bulb check is completed, the passenger airbag light will illuminate “OFF” when the passenger seat is unoccupied or when the OCS ECU determines that the occupant does not meet the adult classification criteria. When the OCS system determines that an occupant that meets the adult classification criteria is sitting in the passenger seat, the light will change to “ON.”
  4. Remove the original owner’s manual and replace it with the update manual.

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