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Mercedes-Benz magnetic clue

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Mercedes-Benz magnetic clue

If you receive customer reports of Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with the 722.9 (7G-Tronic) transmission being in limp home mode (intermittently or permanently) with fault code(s) 0741, 0893, 0894, 2502, 2504, 2505, 2511, 2711, 2783 stored in the transmission control module as well as particulate in the transmission oil pan (see photo), the cause may be related to the torque converter lock-up clutch or the rear planetary gear set.

To resolve the issue, replace the transmission and torque converter. Be sure to flush all particulate out of the cooler (and lines) before installing the new transmission and torque converter.

NOTE: Do not clean any of the particulate from the oil pan or magnets prior to sending the transmission back to the QEC.

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