Jag door handle complaint

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Jag door handle complaint

Some 2009-2012 Jaguar XF owners may complain about a front door handle sticking in the open position (the door may not match, and with ignition ON, the door warning may be activated).

Refer to workshop manual section 501-14 (Handles, Locks, Latches and Entry Systems) and remove the affected front door exterior handle (LH only: place the door lock cylinder with key slot facing downward).

Remove any burrs by filing the split line from the radius. Remove only the burr and split line -- do not remove any material from the radius.

Remove only the molding split line. Do not remove any material from the door handle strap.

Using a suitable degreaser, clean the handle before and after removing the split line. Using suitable 800-grit abrasive cloth, remove the molding split line from the center of the door handle strap, and remove the molding split line from both rear edges of the door handle strap.

Clean and lubricate the handle strap face, rear and side surfaces using KSP 105 from kit  JLM21206.

Loosen (but do not remove) the retaining screw and slide the handle securing plate rearward. Verify that the locating lugs are tight against the door panel aperture and tighten the retaining screw.

Reinstall following the workshop manual.



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