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Ford shaft leak

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Ford shaft leak

Some 2009-2011 Ford Escape, Mariner and 2010-2011 Fusion or Milan vehicles equipped with a 6F35 automatic transmission may exhibit a fluid leak from the left-hand halfshaft seal. This may be due to seal and/or bushing wear caused by the halfshaft surface finish.

A service kit is now available that includes all parts needed to perform the repair, including the bushing and seal.

The Escape and Mariner kit includes the inboard CV joint housing and eliminates the need for halfshaft assembly replacement.

  1. Replace the LH halfshaft seal. Refer to workshop manual Section 307-01. When the seal is removed, inspect the transaxle case bushing for wear. If the bushing is worn, replace the bushing. If the bushing doe not appear to be worn, clean the area behind the halfshaft seal before installing the new seal.
  1. Clamp the LH halfshaft in a soft-jaw vise.
  1. Remove and discard the one large inboard CV boot clamp.
  1. Remove the inboard CV joint housing and discard.
  1. Push the boot back and remove all grease from the boot.
  1. Install half of the kit’s grease packet into the new CV joint housing. Inject the remaining half of the new grease into the boot on the CV tripod joint.
  1. Install the new inboard CV joint housing on the CV tripod joint and new large inboard CV boot clamp.
  1. Insert a small flat-blade screwdriver under the boot to allow the air to escape. Slide the tripod joint in as far as it will go, then pull it out 20mm (0.787 in.). Remove the screwdriver.
  1. Using special service tool 205-343 or equivalent, install and clamp the new CV boot clamp.

 The Fusion and Milan kit includes the halfshaft assembly. The kit does include a halfshaft boot and clamp that are not required for this repair.




AL8Z-3B414-A                      Service kit (Escape/Mariner)

BE5Z-3B414-A                      Service kit (Fusion 2,5L DOHC)

BE5Z-3B414-B                      Service kit (Fusion/Milan 3.0L)

XT-10-QLV                            Mercon LV ATF


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