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Volvo key won’t work

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Volvo key won’t work

With some Volvo models, one or more ignition keys may not be accepted, leading to a no-start condition. Affected vehicles include 2010 S80, V70 and XC70.

DTC CEM (Central Electronics Module)-B10D794 may also be set, which indicates that the SCU (Start Control Unit) is not able to read the transponder inside the ignition key within the pre-defined time. If the vehicle is within the chassis range listed here, the symptom is most likely due to electro magnetic interference caused by the chrome plated ignition lock bezel and not the SCU itself.

A new SCU bezel with a non-metallic coating has been introduced into production. Remove the SCU to access the bezel plate screws. Replace the bezel and reinstall the SCU.


Model                      Type                   Model Year                   Chassis Range

S80                           124                     2010                                0113101-0116162

V70                           135                     2010                                0118101-0128300

XC70                        136                     2010                                0074101-0076536


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