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Stubborn Sonata fuel door

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Stubborn Sonata fuel door

The fuel door on 2011 Hyundai Sonata vehicles may stick (will not open or sticking). This applies to Sonatas equipped with the 2.4GDI and 2.0 Turbo, produced from 6-1-10 through 1-7-11.

Press on the fuel door to check for freeplay. If the door has no movement, proceed with adjustment. When pushing on the fuel door with a finger, you should be able to move the door 1 – 2 mm.

Open the fuel door and locate the fuel door opening assist spring.

Bend the spring outward to increase the opening force. Leave the fuel door open after bending the spring.

Open the trunk and remove the felt service panel for the left rear combination lamp assembly, to allow access to the fuel door actuator.

Push the fuel door actuator INWARD toward the trunk to give the fuel door more lateral movement.

Latch the fuel door and adjust the actuator OUTWARD away from the trunk. Push until the fuel door is “snug” with just a slight amount of movement.

After the actuator adjustments have been completed, check the fuel door movement by pushing on the center of the fuel door. There should be 1mm to  2mm of lateral movement.



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