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Akebono Brake Corp. has added 51 new part numbers into its aftermarket brake pad portfolio providing coverage to more than 24 million additional vehicles. This added coverage features popular late-model domestic, European and Asian vehicles.

The company also upgraded to a software catalog program allowing Akebono to release products to the aftermarket quicker and more efficiently.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that with the addition of these part numbers and upgrades to our internal software system, more than 24 million additional vehicles will be able to be equipped with Akebono’s ultra-premium aftermarket brake pads,” says Ken Selinger, director, Akebono Aftermarket sales and marketing. “We now have more parts and coverage for late model passenger car and light truck applications than ever before. Owners of these vehicles can now experience the class-leading performance from Akebono’s brake pads which often exceeds the performance of the factory-installed brake pads.”

Of the 51 new part numbers released:

* ProACT ultra-premium brake pads: 23 part numbers

* EURO ultra-premium brake pads: 14 part numbers

* Performance ultra-premium brake pads: 14 part numbers

Total vehicle coverage added with these 51 new part numbers and software and system upgrade:

* ProACT ultra-premium brake pads: approx. 11.4 million vehicles

* EURO ultra-premium brake pads: approx. 1.6 million vehicles

* Performance ultra-premium brake pads: approx. 11.6 million vehicles

“In addition to the satisfaction our customers receive after installing our ultra-premium aftermarket brake pads on their vehicle, they will be proud to know that Akebono brake pads are 100% made in the USA,” adds Selinger.

Some notable vehicles now covered include:

* Audi A6/A7/A8 Quattro (2011 – 13) – EURO ultra-premium front brake pads

* BMW 535i and 640i (2011 – 14) – EURO ultra-premium front brake pads

* Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Caravan (2012 – 14) – ProACT ultra-premium front brake pads

* Ford Mustang (2005 – 14) – Performance ultra-premium front and rear brake pads

* Ford Transit Connect (2010 – 13) – ProACT ultra-premium front brake pads

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