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Handling shifty Fords

Some 2009-2010 Ford Escape, Mariner, 2010 Fusion and Milan vehicles equipped with a 6F35 automatic transmission and built on or before 11-25-2009 may exhibit diagnostic trouble codes P0720 or P0722 (harsh engagement or shifts or starts in 5th gear from a stop). These conditions may be caused by an open circuit in the output shaft speed (OSS) sensor or the main control lead frame connector.

  1. Check the condition of the transmission fluid. If the fluid does not smell burnt, continue to Step 2 and follow the repair procedures to diagnose the OSS circuit. If the fluid smells burnt, follow normal workshop manual diagnosis.
  2. Follow workshop manual section 307-01A for Escape and Mariner or 307-01B for Fusion or Milan. Perform pin point test (PPT) steps C through C7. If instructed to replace the OSS sensor in PPT step C7, proceed to Step 3. If the PPT does not lead to replacing the OSS, this procedure does not apply. Proceed with normal diagnostics.
  3. Check the build date on the lead frame. The lead frame build date is a Julian date. The first two numbers are the year (09) and the next three numbers are the day of the year. If the build date matches one from the following list, replace the lead frame and the OSS sensor.

09184, 09185, 09186, 09229, 09230, 09234, 09235, 09236, 09237.

When replacing the lead frame, inspect the build date on the new mead frame. Do not use a lead frame with a build date listed above.

If the lead frame build date does not match one listed above, replace only the OSS sensor.


9L8Z-7H103-A…………….OSS sensor

9L8Z-7G276-A…………….Lead frame

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