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Endeavor to find cause for Mitsubishi squeak

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Endeavor to find cause for Mitsubishi squeak

Some owners of 2004-2011 Mitsubishi Endeavor vehicles may report a squeaking noise when stepping onto the rear seat floor. The condition may be caused by the sides of the rear floor spacer rubbing against the floor body panel.

This TSB provides instructions to trim ribs from the inboard and rear edges of the rear floor spacer. When performing this repair, always trim the ribs from both left and right floor spacers.

  1. Move both front seats to the full-forward position.
  2. Remove the four rear seat cushion floor attaching bolts and raise the seat cushion out of the way.
  3. Remove the left and right, front and rear scuff plates and lower B-pillar trim.
  4. Fold the floor carpet forward and remove the rear floor foam spacers.
  5. Scribe lines on the upper surface of the spacers.

  1. Cut along the scribed lines to trim the ribs from the rear and inboard edges of the floor spacers. A fine-tooth saw blade or a knife with a sharp serrated blade works well.
  2. Reinstall the floor spacer and push down on it several times to confirm that the squeaking noise has been eliminated.
  3. Reinstall the floor carpet. Confirm that the door weatherstrips are properly seated and reinstall the B-pillar trims and scuff plates.
  4. Install the rear seat cushion floor mounting bolts and torque to 26-40 ft.-lbs.

NOTE: Position the seat belt latches and insure that they are accessible for passengers!

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