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What's causing Nissan Altima hesitation?

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What's causing Nissan Altima hesitation?

2007-2011 Nissan Altima vehicles equipped with the CVT transmission and QR25 engine may experience slight hesitation or surging at low speeds.

These problems may occur under the following conditions:

-  Speed between 10 and 45 mph

-  Transmission torque converter clutch is engaged (lock mode)

-  Engine rpm between 1,200 and 2,000

-  Light acceleration

NOTE: Very slight hesitation and/or surge under these conditions are a normal operating characteristic. However, some customers may be particularly sensitive to this.

If a customer voluntarily chooses to have the specification changed (involving reprogramming the transmission control module), they should be advised that their mpg may or may not slightly decrease (up to 1 mpg), depending on their driving habits.

This also involves replacing the torque rod and lower torque rod.


Service kit (torque rod and lower torque rod)…..P/N 11250-ZX60A

Connect CONSULT III (C-III) to the vehicle to begin TCM reprogramming.


-  Connect a battery charger to the vehicle battery (if voltage drops below 12V during reprogramming the TCM may be damaged)

-  Turn off all vehicle electrical loads

-  For TCM reprogramming, the C-III must be connected to the VI using the USB cable

-  Connect the AC adapter (if battery voltage drops during reprogramming, the process will be interrupted and the TCM will be damaged)

When you see the TCM reprogramming screen shown in Figure 1, confirm TCM reprogramming applies as follows:

  1. On your C-III screen, look at the Part Number column and write down the P/N on the repair order.
  2. Compare the part number that you wrote down to the numbers in the Current TCM P/N column in Table A. If there is a match, this bulletin applies. Continue with the reprogramming procedure. (NOTE: If there are two lines (two reprogramming options) on your C-III screen, use the one with the message “Caution! Use ONLY with NTB10-121”).  If there is not a match, this bulletin does not apply. Refer to ASIST for further diagnostic information.

If this bulletin applies and you have performed TCM reprogramming, the screen in Figure 2 displays when reprogramming is complete. Print this screen and attach it to the repair order.

Erase DTCs from all systems (NOTE: During reprogramming, DTCs will set in several systems and must be erased).

Turn off C-III and disconnect it from the vehicle.

Replace the torque rod and the lower torque rod (numbers 1 and 8 in Figure 3). Refer to the service manual for removal and installation information.

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