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Stubborn Mopar glass

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Stubborn Mopar glass

2011 Patriot vehicles may exhibit slow-moving or binding driver door glass. This TSB applies to vehicles built after Aug. 1, 2010,and before Nov. 1, 2010.


Perform the front door glass speed test as follows:

    1. Start the engine and lower the right and left front door glass.
    2. Using the driver side master switch, raise both right and left front door glass panes at the same time.
    3. Stop the test when either door glass reaches the full-up position.
    4. Note the position of the driver door glass if the passenger glass reaches the full-up position first.

 Does the driver door glass lag the passenger door glass by more than 2 inches when fully raised? If so, proceed to Repair Procedure Step 1. If not, this bulletin does not apply.


  1. Remove the driver door glass and door module.
  2. Replace the driver door glass weatherstrip run. Pull the weatherstrip run (1) our of the metal door channel (2) at the B-pillar side of the door by pulling inward and up on the weatherstrip.
  3. Remove the rest of the weatherstrip by pulling the end of the weatherstrip up out of the door near the door mirror.
  4. Install the new door weatherstrip run by reversing the removal process. Make sure that the glass run is seated below the outer and inner weatherstrip beltline before reinstalling the door module and glass. If not directly pressurized, the seal may still cause the window to bind during travel. Use glass cleaner if desired to aid installation of the new door weatherstrip run by spraying it on the OUTSIDE ONLY of the weatherstrip. To reduce the sliding resistance of the glass when raised and lowered, Krytox can be used and must be applied to the INSIDE ONLY of the weatherstrip before it is installed.
  5. Reinstall the driver door glass and module and verify the repair by performing the speed test.



68144721AA…………..Weatherstrip – front door glass run

C-4755………………….Trim stick

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