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Stubborn Mopar decklid

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Stubborn Mopar decklid

Owners of some 2011 Chargers and Chrysler 300 vehicles may complain that the decklid will not open when pressing the passive entry switch.

Parts required: P/N 68087978AA       Switch, passive entry / decklid

Special tool required: P/N C-4755      Trim stick

  1. Cycle the decklid passive entry switch several times to verify proper function. Make sure that the vehicle key fob is in hand. The passive entry switch will not function without the key fob near its location.
  2. Does the decklid open once the switch is depressed? If yes, this bulletin does not apply. If no, proceed to Step 3.
  3. Remove the passive entry switch. Refer to the detailed removal procedures available in DealerConnect>TechCONNECT> under: Service Info > 08 – Lamps and Lighting > lamps/Lighting – Exterior > LAMP, Center High Mounted Stop > Removal.
  4. To remove the passive entry switch from the CHMSL housing, rotate counterclockwise and remove the connector x-mas clips from the housing.
  5. To install the passive entry switch into the CHMSL housing, align the tabs on the switch body with the pattern on the housing. Insert until the button is flush with the outer lens. Rotate clockwise. Insert the connector x-mas clips into the housing.
  6. Install the center high mounted stop light.
  7. Cycle the passive entry switch to verify proper function (make sure that the key fob is in hand).


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