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Loose Honda brake light seal

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Loose Honda brake light seal

On 2007-2009 Honda Fit vehicles, the high-mount brake light seal may be loose, hanging down or missing.

Installing a new seal requires use of the Stop Rubber Kit P/N 06340-SAA-003, H/C 9387853 (for 2007-2008); or P/N 06340-TF0-J01, H/C 9195538 (2009 models). The kit includes enough double-sided tape to perform two repairs, but includes only one seal.

1. Remove the high-mount brake light. Refer to the appropriate Service Manual, or online, enter keywords HIGH MOUNT and select High Mount Brake Light Replacement from the list.

2. Remove all of the rubber seal and the adhesive from the brake light.

3. Attach double-sided tape from the kit to the areas shown in Figure 1. Apply the tape from the outside edge, then fold it inward.

4.Install the new rubber seal. Press it tightly against the tape to insure good adhesion. Reinstall the brake light assembly and verify operation.



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