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To Infiniti and beyond

Owners of 2004-2010 Infiniti QX56 vehicles may complain of a power rear door that will not open or close and makes noise.

To confirm the complaint, while operating the lift gate, check to see if the power motor will not open or close the door and/or there is a grinding and popping noise inside the rear trim panel.

Check for loose or missing bolts on the power back door motor assembly and replace if needed. Also check for bent or damaged power back door motor mounting brackets.


Bolt (hex)                                                                   01121-0039U

Bracket lock (back door RH)                                   90508-ZQ10A

Bracket lock (back door LH)                                    90509-ZQ10A

Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue     19960

1.Access the power back door motor assembly:

a. Remove left side finishers as needed.

b. Refer to the Service manual as needed (section BL 2004-07, section DLK 2008-2010).

c. Bolt A shown in Figure 1 must be removed.

NOTE: You may not need to completely remove the lower luggage finisher. Unclipping the top and pulling it back may provide enough access.

2. Check bolt “B” (see Figure 1):

a. If bolt B is loose or missing, replace with a new bolt.

b. Apply Permatex medium Strength Threadlocker Blue to the threads of the new bolt and torque the bolt to 51 in-lb (5.7 Nm).

c. If bolt B is missing, be sure to locate the missing bolt and remove it from the vehicle (this could cause a rattle).

3. Check both mounting brackets. If mounting brackets are bent or damaged, replace with new brackets. The brackets can be replaced without completely removing the motor assembly.

4. Re-assemble. Apply Medium Threadlocker Blue to the threads of bolts A and B and tighten to 11 ft-lb (15.2 Nm).

5. Verify proper operation.


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