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Volvo prop shaft no-no

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Volvo prop shaft no-no

This refers to all 1998 and later Volvo vehicles equipped with AWD. When loosening the propeller shaft from the bevel gear, final drive or when replacing the propeller shaft, care must be taken to avoid damaging the joint’s rubber boot.

The shaft assembly must be properly supported when handling out of the vehicle. Allowing the shaft to fold at the center joint may cause the boot to be cut by the edge of the joint. There is a protrusion inside the joint that can damage the rubber boot if the propeller shaft is bent to its maximum travel when loosening an end or when removing the shaft.

If the entire propeller shaft is to be removed, the rubber boot must be protected. Cut a 1 3/8-inch (35mm) piece of spare coolant hose. Split the hose and insert into the joint and secure the hose with a cable tie.

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