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Honda parking light stays on

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Honda parking light stays on

This TSB applies to 2008-2009 Honda Accord, 2008-2009 Odyssey, 2009 Pilot and 2009 Ridgeline (all except Navigation). The parking brake indicator may remain on after the parking brake is released.

The probable cause is a faulty circuit board in the accessory HandsFreeLink (HFL) control unit. The corrective action involves replacing the accessory HFL unit. However, Honda reports that this failure is rare.

The P/N for the replacement HFL control unit is  08E00-E10-1M002, H/C 8860645.

A double-sided tape kit is necessary for mounting (available as Honda P/N 08E02-TAO-100R1, H/C 9191859.


  1. Remove the roof console. Refer to the Body section of the service manual or if online, enter keyword HEADLINER and select Headliner Removal/Installation.
  2. Unplug the HFL control unit from the connectors. With the ignition switch ON, apply and release the parking brake. If the indicator light goes off, continue with Step 3. If the light remains on, refer to the service manual and continue troubleshooting. NOTE: If the control unit is to be replaced, advise the customer that all stored phone numbers will be lost.
  3. Remove the two self-tapping screws and the two bushings from the roof console. Remove the two washer screws, the HFL bracket and the HFL harness from the switch and the control unit.
  4. Remove the HFL control unit from the roof console.
  5. Using isopropyl alcohol and a shop towel, clean the area where the double-sided tape will attach to the new HFL control unit and the roof console.
  6. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and attach the tape in the same position on the new control unit.
  7. Connect the HFL harness to the new control unit. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and attach the new control unit to the roof console.
  8. Secure the HFL bracket with the two washer screws to the roof console.
  9. Connect the HFL harness to the switch, then reinstall the switch to the roof console.
  10. Reconnect the vehicle connectors to the roof console and reinstall the roof console.




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