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Mazda APV replacements

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Mazda APV replacements

An Auxiliary Port Valve has been established by Mazda as a service part. Replacement of the intake manifold (13-100) is no longer needed if the APV becomes damaged or broken during intake manifold removal. Technicians should use care when removing APVs from the rotor housing to prevent damage.

Remove the intake manifold from the engine. Refer to MS3 online instructions or workshop manual section 01-13.

When removing the manifold, use two long bolts (A) [M8 – 1.25 x 220 mm hex bolt] in both the lower outer bolt holes to help support the manifold and slide out of the APV. This will take pressure off of the APV arms to reduce the chance of breaking.

If the APV is damaged during removal, remove the APV bolts (A), then remove the front APV (B) and/or the rear APV (C) from the intake manifold and replace with new. Tighten the new APV bolts to a value of 8-10 in.-lbf. (0.9 – 1.2 Nm). Reinstall the intake manifold.


APV – front               N3H2-13-B6X                       2004-2008 w/ High Power

APV – rear                 N3H3-13-B6X                       2004-2008 w/High Power

APV – front               N3R4-13-B6X                       2009-2011

APV – rear                 N3R5-13-B6X                       2009-2011

APV bolt                    N3H6-13-B65                       (all) two bolts required



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