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Xenon kit kills Audi wipers

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Xenon kit kills Audi wipers

This bulletin applies to all 2005-2011 Audi A3 vehicles. If the front windshield wipers are inoperative, this may be due to a failure in the windshield wiper motor control module (LIN-Bus failure).

This fault in the wiper motor control unit may be caused by the installation of an unapproved aftermarket xenon headlamp system. These systems are not designed for Audi vehicles.

These systems have been proven to cause damage to various electrical systems in Audi models by causing a voltage spike in networks that use a LIN architecture, such as a LIN-based windshield wiper system.

The vehicle electrical system control module may present this error message:


Failure Lin-Slave 01

The following DTCs may also be present:

DTC 00153 004 (Driver’s windshield wiper motor – V216 – No signal/communication)

DTC 02071 004 (Local data bus No signal/communication)

Typically this condition is observed when, after replacing a windshield wiper motor, the replacement motor fails again after a short time.

Inspect the vehicle for the presence of any aftermarket accessories, most notably a non-approved xenon headlamp system. Inform the customer that the windshield motor failed as a result of the non-approved aftermarket xenon headlamps and is not covered under warranty. Restore the original headlamp system.

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