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Squeaky Nissan accelerator

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Squeaky Nissan accelerator

2009-2012 Nissan 370Z vehicles may exhibit a squeaking noise when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

The remedy involves applying a urethane foam pad (from the Squeak and Rattle Kit) between the upper accelerator pedal bracket and the accelerator pedal assembly. Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) for the procedure to remove and reinstall the accelerator pedal assembly and for accelerator pedal released position learning.

1. Confirm that the ignition is in the OFF position.

2. Remove the accelerator pedal assembly.

3. Attach a piece of 1.5-inch X 2.0-inch foam from the Squeak and Rattle Kit to the backside of the accelerator bracket assembly, with the adhesive facing outward.

4. Fold the foam over and stick to the front side of the bracket.

5. Re-install the accelerator pedal over the bracket with the foam in place.

6. Refer to ESM for the accelerator pedal self learn procedure.

7. Confirm that the squeak noise has been eliminated.


Urethane pad                P/N 76884-71L02

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