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Bad Acura oil pressure switch

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Bad Acura oil pressure switch

With a normal engine oil level, a “check engine oil level” message may appear on the MID or the NAV screen. The low oil pressure indicator on the instrument panel may also be illuminated.

While both oil level and oil pressure should be verified, the probable cause is a faulty oil pressure switch. This applies to all Acura 2007 – 2011 MDX, 2009 – 2010 RL, 2009 – 2011 TL, 2010 TSX V6 and 2010 – 2011 ZDX models.

Replace the engine oil pressure switch. For 2007 and early production 2008 MDXs, also check the PGM-FI software and if necessary, update with the HDS.

On 2007 MDXs and early production 2008 MDXs, the threads of the engine oil pressure switch are different than all other models listed, including later MDXs. To make sure that you install the correct switch, refer to the oil pump ID information in Step 3 of the Repair Procedure.


2007 MDX and early production 2008 MDX                       37240-RDM-A01

All except 2007 and early production 2008 MDX              37240-R72-A01

 O-ring (10.2 x 1.9mm, for R72 switch only                        91319-R70-A01

TL – Flange bolt (10x34mm, two required)                        90170-SDA-A01

TSX V6 – Flange bolt (10x34mm, two required)                90170-SDC-A00

TL and TSX V6 – Flange bolt (12x75mm, one required)  90396-S5A-010


Only the 2007-2008 MDXs may need a software update. Using HDS software version 2.020.018 (December 2009) (green) or later; and Control module (CM) update 27-NOV-2009 or later.


1. Start the engine. Turn the steering wheel fully to the right and shut off the engine.

2.. Raise the vehicle on a lift.

3. 2007 – 2009 MDX: Detach the front clip from the right front inner fender. Pull back the edge of the inner fender and look for an “R72” mark on the right side of the oil pump. If the oil pump features the “R72”mark, use P/N 37240-R72-A01 for the new oil pressure switch. If the oil pump does not feature the “R72” mark, use oil pressure switch switch P/N 37240-RDM-A01.


4. TL and TSX V6: Remove the front subframe middle mount.

5. For easier removal of the engine oil pressure switch, disconnect the rocker arm oil pressure switch connector.

6. Disconnect the engine oil pressure switch connector and remove the switch.

7. Remove any liquid gasket material from in or around the switch hole.

8. Apply a very thin layer of liquid gasket to the new switch (for the R72 switch only, install a new O-ring). Install the switch and tighten to 13 ft-lbf.

9. Reconnect the engine oil pressure switch connector and the rocker arm oil pressure switch connector.

10. TL and TSX V6: Reinstall the front subframe middle mount with new bolts and tighten to specification….tighten the two 10x1.25mm (side bolts) to 36 ft-lbf; and tighten the 12x1.25mm lower bolt to 33 ft-lbf.

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