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Not-so-smart Mopar glass

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Not-so-smart Mopar glass

Owners of 2011 Dodge Challengers may complain about an intermittent condition where the door smart glass feature cycles on its own, leading to battery drain. This condition is usually experienced when the vehicle is parked with the ignition off.

This bulletin involves checking the door latch build date, and if necessary, replacing both door latch assemblies. This applies to vehicles built prior to March 30, 2011.

Door latch build dates can be visually checked with the door open and without removing the latch assembly from the door.

If the build date falls between Julian date 3200 (Nov. 20, 2010) and 0841 (March 25, 2011), replace the faulty door latch. Door windows must be in the full upward position in order to perform the repair.

Refer to the detailed procedures available in DealersConnect>TechCONNECT> under: Service Info> 23-Body>Door-Front>LATCH, Door>Removal/Installation.

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