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Jeep shimmy

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Jeep shimmy

Owners of 2007 – 2009 Jeep Wranglers (built before August 1, 2009) may complain about steering wheel/linkage vibration when driving over rough surfaces.

The fix may involve replacing the steering damper and steering damper bracket.

Remove the steering damper and the steering damper bracket. Verify that the tie rod assembly is centered at the boot.

Install the replacement damper bracket (P/N 68066693AA) by sliding the open end of the bracket over the flat spot (right side) of the tie rod assembly.

From the end of the tie rod tube, measure a distance of 19.75 inches (502.4mm) and place a locating mark on the tie rod tube.

Align the left edge of the damper bracket on the locating mark. The bracket bolt threads should be pointing forward, with the bolts parallel to the ground.

Torque the damper bracket nut to a value of 37 ft-lb. Install the steering damper-to-axle bracket and steering damper bracket with the dust shield of the steering damper at the tie rod steering damper bracket. Tighten the steering damper bolt in the axle bracket to 50 ft-lb. Tighten the steering damper nut on the tie rod steering damper bracket to 50 ft-lb.

Note: Place index marks (matchmarks) at the final location of the damper bracket and all torqued fasteners.

Once installation has been completed, turn the steering wheel full-right and then to full-left 3 times. Verify the damper bracket position. If needed, reposition and re-torque the fasteners.


Damper bracket kit                                              68066693AA

Steering damper                                                  52060058AF

Damper to tie rod damper bracket nut               06508590AA

Bolt                                                                       06104240AA

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